The One Who Loves You by Pippa Grant is currently scheduled for release on July 12 2022. If the Upper East Side had an evil twin, it would be Tickled Pink, Wisconsin. This run-down, backwoods town isn’t worthy of the footprint of my Louboutins, never mind all of me. But when my grandmother has a near-death experience and realizes we Lightlys can’t buy our way into heaven, she relocates the family to Tickled Pink to work on improving our souls. And that’s how I trade my heiress existence for gigantic bugs, dishwater coffee, and a cranky single dad named Teague Miller. Teague spends his days fishing, raising his spunky teenager, and after an unfortunate incident involving cheese curds, living rent-free in my head. The one thing he and I can agree on is that I don’t belong here. He’s willing to help me escape—until the unexpected happens. I kind of like him. I might even more than like him. But am I ready to give up the life I adored for a man I love to hate?

The One Who Loves You is an introduction to a whole new set of characters and a new small town for fans of Pippa Grant, which honestly threw me for a minute. I kept trying to remember where I might have seen the town or some if the characters before, since I have read a great deal from the author, but it was all new for me. I also admit that it took me a minute to warm up to Phoebe, which was likely intentional because of her personal story and character growth. I was glad to have gotten the story from  the heads of both Phoebe and Teague, I don’t think the relationship building and story of the town would have felt quite so real and intense with out both aspects of the story. They each had issues, secrets, and things to work on- even if it looked or felt one sided. I thought the reveal was mildly expected by the time the twist came along, but I liked the was it was done and the way the resolution played out.  I also really liked that we got to know the whole town, and that even the secondary characters felt very real and multi dimensional. 

The One Who Loves You is the same blend of laugh and character growth that fans have come to expect from the author. 

Sharon the Librarian

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