Hi friends! It has been a busy few weeks over here as Riese wrapped up the school year and started camp!

It’s a totally new routine – about a 15/20 minute drive vs. a 5 minute walk to drop her off – but so far it’s working out fine, and it’s temporary! 

Her camp is near one of my favorite coffee shops, so on my workdays when we have childcare for Wes too I’ve been posting up there until it’s time to pick her up again.

I’ve always liked working from coffee shops – much less distracting than being at home, in my opinion – so this has been a fun way to mix it up!

Plus, I always appreciate latte art. 🙂


Now that the weather is hot, I’ve been enjoying a lot of salads – anything cool and refreshing is hitting the mark. 

This creation had lettuce, cucumber, feta, red pepper, chicken, and an unpictured homemade lemon balsamic dressing. I had some crackers on the side, too! 

salad with fresh vegetables and chicken.

We’ve also been enjoying some grilled food (check out my Healthy Grilling Dinner Recipes round up post for some ideas)! Keeping it simple with grilled chicken, burgers, corn, etc. 

This plate was from a BBQ pool party Riese (and we) were invited to with a school friend of hers – always love hot dogs in summer, especially with sauerkraut! The pear and walnut salad and the street corn salad were really good, too. 

a plate with salad, corn, and a hot dog with sauerkraut.

I also had a delicious good lobster roll the other week at a girl’s night out – we were at Hank’s Oyster Bar in Old Town. Don’t worry I had some oysters, too!

lobster roll on a plate with french fries.

Matt and I have been doing a weekly date night and now that it’s light out so late and also so warm, we’ve started mixing up our dates – last week we went and played mini golf before grabbing dinner which was something fun and different!

He beat me, but only by 2 points. 😉 

playing mini golf.

On the fitness front, I’m still getting in a couple runs each week which is feeling good!

One of the huge benefits of Matt working from home is that on our days without childcare for Wes, I can go out for a run while he’s napping and leave Matt with the monitor.

out for a run.

That’s something I definitely couldn’t do when Riese was this age (not only because Matt was not working from home, but also because Riese was a super short napper – Wes takes nice long ones which is huge, although he’s less reliable with the overnight sleep, which Riese was awesome at, so…)

I’m also still doing a lot of yoga – I aim for 2 to 3 classes a week because it feels so good, and I sometimes add in some short Peloton yoga classes, too.

I haven’t been using the Peloton bike itself recently – I just prefer to get my cardio in outdoors either via walks/stroller walks or runs, or hikes. I’m sure I’ll use it more again in the winter. 

Speaking of hikes, Riese and I went on a fun one last week just the two of us – she has these cute kid binoculars we brought along and we saw all sorts of turtles, frogs, fish, and birds! 

kid looking at turtles through binoculars

We also had a packed lunch with us, which we stopped to eat approximately 5 minutes into the hike. 😉 

Turkey, cheese, hummus, and spinach (well, the spinach was only on my sandwich), plus some sliced bell peppers and cucumbers and an orange. 

sandwich with turkey, cheese, hummus, and spinach.

Since Wes is not nursing anymore and I have more logistical flexibility, it has been fun to get more one-on-one time with Riese again. (I get a lot of one-on-one time with Wes during the week while she’s at camp!)

Speaking of Wes, he’s a VERY busy guy these days! He loves hiding in the curtains to play peekaboo, and his other favorite things are to get into all the cabinets…

And to throw toys (and whatever else he can find) down the stairs. Every time we go down to the basement we find variations of this:

toys that were thrown down the stairs.

Never a dull moment!

I hope you have a great week, my friends! I’ve got some 4th of July recipe inspiration coming to you Friday, and then just to let you know I’ll be taking next week off of posting as we will be on our annual Outer Banks beach trip with Matt’s family. 

I’ll be back the week of July 11 – see you then!

Anyone have any fun plans for 4th of July? 

Before kids Matt and I used to rent kayaks and see the DC fireworks from the water, which was super cool. But recently we’ve been down in the Outer Banks over the 4th which is fun, too! 


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